Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Art of Making Money

Money - the requirement of life. One is always short of this critical entity in one's life, isn't it? Well, at least I am. So, I was wondering what are the options available to me to bridge this fiscal deficit. In fact what are the available options with anyone. So, here goes the list:

  1. Start printing money yourself - Although the most logical option, but there are practical roadblocks.
  2. Rob a bank - This option is available for the adventurous soles around. Best of Luck!
  3. Have a richie rich relative? Start networking ;)
  4. Choose your friends judiciously. Please ask the bank statement before making friends.
  5. Ask your parents - you must be really needy.
  6. Ask (Beg) for raise - We all have tried this one... never works.
  7. Starting begging from anyone and everyone - Require really low self esteem for this one.
  8. Invest - Do it on your own risk.... u never know.... u can b a millionaire or a beggar in a night.
  9. Choose a wealthy single child as your spouse - I know Amit, what you are thinking :p
  10. Join politics - your white money would be more than enough for bridging the deficit. Black money would be surplus.
  11. Be a member of CWG Organizing Committee - Not everyone is so lucky.
  12. Start extortion business - There is already a huge competition here from underworld, Maoist etc... bleak chance of success.
  13. Make an application like YouTube and then sell it to Google - ha ha ha... what are the odds of that happening.
  14. Join some terrorist organization - Who requires money after that!!! If you want something after that, just take it.
  15. Work and work hard - then what... you will still be a beggar, but will not have any energy left to think about it.
 Well, I can only think of these many right now.... Please help me to find more options.... And also, m confused.... which one should I choose?


Sidharth said...

"Dont Chase Money, it's a by-product." : Dhirubhai Ambani

RISHABH said...

Well this post is quiet similar to the one before ..(Success failure and something ....) so writer is really in dire need of some divine help and guess what God have sent his beloved son to him :)... but still one needs to be a jauhri to see a heera .. :) in which I think writer is lacking .... But never mind .. a small tip ... Paise haat ki dhool hai ... jhaad do ... Seek peace ... show ur quidditich skills be a seeker and fly for that ultimate treasure will follow..