Monday, September 13, 2010

Take a Deep Breath

"Its gonna be alright... Take a deep breath", I told myself. Took one deep breath... then second and by the time I took third one in... I was feeling better. With each exhaled breath, I was letting the -ve feeling go.... "Let it go.... let everything go...", I was telling myself. Its amazing how it works but it does really work! Whenever you are under pressure... or on the either end of your emotional side, just take deep breath. It restores the balance. But the ability to let everything go or as my brother would say "Way to Peace", is actually the underlining solution of everything. "Let everything go", isn't this also mentioned in Gita? I once attended a week long session of Art of Living in DA-IICT. There they talked about the "Prana" levels. "Pran" or "Prana" means life. Each one of us has Prana level which is associated with positive energy. There are several factors that affect the Prana level in some one. I remember 2 of them: air and water. So when we take deep breath, it increases our Prana level. Scientifically also, deep breath increases the O2 content in our body leading to "peace of mind". The other part related to let everything go, is a bit difficult. It requires a lot of deliberation and practice but its worth it.

Well, I am sure you all must already be knowing all this stuff. Even I know this since a long time. But its something which we rarely practice, if at all, even when we need it the most. The best place to hide a secret is in plain sight. This is one of those secrets. We all talk about suffering and pains and blah blah.... People start worshiping.... there is multi billion dollar industry of spiritual education based on this.... but what we seek everywhere is something which we already know. In plain sight. I am not a spiritual guru nor I intent to impart any spiritual thoughts through this blog. I just want to remind my friends of this open secret of ours, so that when in need you can put it in use.... Just take a deep breath.... give it a shot.

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Sidharth said...

Baba Aakash ki jai hi ;-)