Saturday, February 14, 2009

Conspiracy Revealed - Menka and Vishwamitra Case

OH! Here it comes again... and this time with a lot more buzz. Thanks to Ram Sena or whatever they call themselves. And it is the day when a year ago I wrote a blog on this:)
I had no intentions to write this blog until just few hours ago some one asked me, so what are you going to write this Valentine Day? And what I am going to write now was what we joked at that time.

You must have heard of Vishwamitra. The sage whose 'tapasya' was broken by an apsara called Menka. But you actually don't know what really had happened. This came from the internal sources exclusively for you brought to you by non other than your very own news network... AakashVani. Our internal sources have given us concrete information that Menka was a qualified strategist. She planned everything very strategically. Vishwamitra was a gentleman. Menka knew that. So, she went upto him and presented him a Rose on Valentine Day! Now, being a gentleman and given that a lady was proposing him on the V-Day, Vishwamitra couldn't refuse and had to abandon his tapasya to take Menka on a date. Rest is all history and hence is present in history books so you can look into them for more details.

Finally before closing this bulletin a last message for all those who are against Valentine's Day and let me put it in Hindi (else effect nahin aayega :P)
"Bhaiya! tumhare nahin hai to kyun jal rahe ho! jake tapasya karo isse achca to. kya pata koi Menka meharban ho jake!"