Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Oh My Parents,
Oh My Teachers,
Oh My Lord,
Where have I come to ?
Is this your Earth ?
Or is this Hell ?
Where are the morals
Which you taught me ?
Where are the values
Which I have always valued ?

Lost I find myself in this degraded world.
Helpless I feel against the Sith.
Vices envelope people,
Darkness shadowing their hearts.
Demanding immorality as their Right
They fight shamelessly against the light.
Murderers of their own consciousness,
Traders of morality.
Demons of mankind,
Threat to humanity.
They challenge me for doing the right.

Quietly I sat,
Silently I watched.
Waiting for it to stop.
Trying to adjust to it.
I tried to close my eyes,
I tried to close my ears,
I tried not to think,
I tired to take it as "Real World".
But it makes me dead.
It sucks life out of me.
It makes me feel guilty.
It takes you away from me.

No longer will I sit quietly.
No longer will I watch silently.
Oh My Parents,
Oh My Teachers,
Oh My Lord,
Give me the strength
Give me the Faith
Give me the courage
To stand by virtue
To fight the darkness
To listen to my heart
And to act on it.
I won't let you die,
I won't let you lose.
I will not scum to pressures.
I will not let my conscious die.
I will fight this Sith,
No matter what it takes.
No matter I have no one with me.
No matter even the whole darkness engulf the sun.
I will light that candle.
That will create the new Sun.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

V-Day Special

Yesterday night I opened my ip messenger and saw a few interesting new groups created, "Single Comm", "SP's One Side Association" etc. Oh! Its Valentine Day tomorrow.
Every year this day has just been like any other day for me. I did not even know about it until the media hyped it and bring it to lime light.
But I like the concept. "One Day in a year when people can express their feelings (of love of course)". But isn't it a satire on the whole society ? We require a day to love !

But leaving that and coming to the thing which attracted my attention at the first place. Being alone on Valentine Day, how does one feel ? You feel when you want to feel. Oh yeah! in many cases you are also made to feel. Personally, I never felt anything. Four years of engineering and half a year in management and I don't have a girlfriend (Oh God! poore college life barbad kar de). But same is with my friends :) and thats why I never felt anything on this day. But I can understand how it might feel to the people in the opposite situation. Once, I was caught in such a situation when two of my "GOOD" friends left me between 2 young couples and it was not V-Day, but by any standards it was not a comfortable situation to be in.

So, for "single" people who are caught in such situations, V-Day is about social acceptance. Now, its an old saying "Make your weakness your strength". So, you can hear one-liners like this which I heard in the morning "If you have a girlfriend its Valentine's Day else its Independence Day". So people, keep the high spirits ON and rock for yourself. There is a famous dialogue "Someone Somewhere is Made for You :)".

BTW 14th Feb is very special to me. Not because of V-Day but because many years ago my Mom and Dad got engaged on this day. Of course at that time this concept was not in India and its co incidental.
The first call which I received in the morning was from my Mom wishing me Valentine Day. Happy Engagement and Valentine Day Mom and Dad.
I Love You !!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Parmenides' Fallacy

Parmenides' Fallacy is an interesting concept. All our decisions are generally based upon the measurement of the future benifits that can be drawn by making that decision. How will it make us better of than what we presently are. This is the fundamental clause in the decision making of most of the managers while making any investment. But what is interesting to note is that the things in the normal circumstances will constantly deteriorate in their own. So, if we don't take any decision then we might be worse off in future than what we are now. So, if the investment is made then it might be that we would be worse off than now but better off than we would have been without it.

It goes like this. When an investment in the field of innovation is made then in the initial year the cash flows are negative for a certain period of time and then it picks up. Of course all the cash flows are projected ones and are hence based on assumptions which might fail. Now, if the investment decision is to be made then the cash flows after investment in new idea is compared with the present cash flows which is assumed to be unchanging in future. This is a trap. This is becasue if nothing is done (i.e. no investment is made) then the future cash flows will not be same as the present ones as the competitors' sustaining and disruptive investments over time will result in price and margin pressure, technology changes, market share losses, sales volume decrease and a decline stock price. So, in actual terms our present cash flows will decline if nothing is done and a status quo is maintained. It is with this declining cash flow that we should compare the future cash flow from the new investment to make decisions. But this is not practiced in general and the trend is to comapre the future cash stream with the present cash streram extrapolated in future. This is Parmenides' Fallacy.