Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And the World is Watching

Everyone is looking at India and that's because of 2 main reasons:
1. Of course, CWG
2. The Ayodhya verdict on 30th September.

While the first one has already got much publicity, its the 2nd one that will change every thing as we know, at least for a short period of time. First of all, I think its ridiculous to give out the verdict at this point of time. From 3rd October we have CWG and the whole world media is here. There will be so many foreigners in country during this period. Under such circumstances can't the court wait for 15 more days! Because I know for sure that there are insane frantic fanatics on both sides and what ever will the verdict be, they will create a havoc. Because thats what they want... an opportunity to create havoc. So, why to put life of people from other nations in danger? And then how will you conduct CWG under such circumstances?

I still remember the night when Babri Masjid was demolished. I was a kid at that time, 8 yrs old. I along with my parents and brother returned at night from market when our land lady called us out as soon as we entered the main gate of the house. The television was ON and on it was P.V. Narashima Rao with his sorry face saying something. It was 1992 with no present news networks or cable TV for that matter, hence news was slow to travel. I couldn't understand what was happening or what Narashima Rao was saying. But I could feel that tension in air. There was a fear in air... a peculiar unrest. As a child you tend to feel such things more than others. Well, I am afraid that same fear might again be created by anti-social elements after the verdict because who ever loses, they will not accept it as gentlemen.

Interestingly, I have been to Ayodhya once. Yes, I have seen this place from my own eyes. Its like any other Hindu religious center. But by God, what security! There were multiple security rings and if you had to go anywhere near the disputed site, where presently there is a idol of Ramji, then there were multiple body frisking. Near the site you could see huge, literally huge, size of a bus, bricks.... in pinkish color (if I remember the color correctly). These were brought to build the magnificent temple here. No where you could see any sign which would suggest you that there was once a mosque here. Somehow I feel, whatever may the verdict be, there will not be any effect on Ayodhya. It will still be the same, even if the whole country will burn, there might not even a scratch on Ayodhya. You might not understand why I am saying this, but if would have been to this place you would understand.

I wish, we could use this verdict before CWG as a display of our maturity and national integrity to the whole world. If everything remains normal after the verdict, with no violence... no bloodshed... it would be the strongest message we will be sending out to rest of the world - The true display of our Power. But I sincerely doubt that. Its not that I doubt the people of this nation. Its the gondas of this nation that I doubt, and you know who are the biggest gondas of our country? Our politicians. They will not miss any chance to take advantage of any slightest opportunity to create rift among people for their own benefit. And this would be a golden chance for many of them. But I still have hope. I hope that when the whole world will be watching us, we will be our best....


Sidharth said...

If the verdict does not come before 1st October, you will not be sure when will it come. This is because on fo the judges of the 3-judge bench of HC giving the verdict is retiring on that day :)

Aakash said...

Yes, but its something that can easily be taken care off, if there is any will for it in government.