Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who can/can't drive

There was one very interesting news in today's newspaper. "Panic Drive: Woman hits 7 vehicles, injures 6". Well, when there is a headline like that, then how can you not read the complete article! For the interested ones following is the link to the article:
Though this can happen to anybody, but somehow I have seen more females involved in such heroic acts... I don't claim to be right... but its just my personal observation. I also remember a very interesting and hilarious video on YouTube.

To be honest, I am always a bit nervous when there is a female driver. I also remember the golden rule of driving... one of the very first that any newbie is taught... "Don't drive behind a car driven by a lady... if in case you must then be extra careful and watch for abrupt braking and turns". Forget car, even if there is a lady riding a bicycle, people, be extra careful. Those who know Lakshmi, would agree that ladies are quite capable of producing unthoughfully unimaginable impossible havoc even with bicycle :p

There is another interesting fact about girls riding which was recently brought to my attention. Whts the deal with stretching both the legs flying out from either side of your 2 wheeler whenever you apply the brakes or slow down! Guys, if you have not noticed this so far, then pay attention next time. You would be surprised how many girls do that. My personal stats reads more than 90%! And it looks like either they are doing skiing or are on the runway ready to take off.

Well, so much for girls. Some of the guys are also quite drivers. Have you ever noticed that dude flying on the streets... even amidst heavy traffic. Don't get angry on the poor fellow friends. He is only trying to live his dream.... Actually such guys always wanted to be pilots... but some how they couldn't. So, they took road as their runways... Poor fellows. Oh! another interesting fact about guys. Beautiful attractive girls in near vicinity helps tremendously in improving a guys driving/riding speed and style (definitely not in a positive sense). And some guys have that habit of cuts. Doesn't matter whether they are on 4 wheeler or 2 wheeler. I have a friend who has that "cut passion". The first time I sat behind him in his bike.... God, I remember that experience.... my heart was in my throat....but was fun ;) And the guy is a lucky son of god... he was doing the same stunt with another friend of ours on back seat when the bike slide and they both were in front of a bus. Luckily the driver acted on time... and then showered them with the general courtesies of MC, BC etc etc... Fun huh!!!

Its a very controversial topic as who can and who can't drive. But you have to agree on one fact.... the driving styles of girls and guys are quite distinctly different and both are capable of killing you.... so just be careful on roads.

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Aditi Only said...

i wonder why did it make me remember a particular scene in 3 idiots .. :)