Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Oh My Parents,
Oh My Teachers,
Oh My Lord,
Where have I come to ?
Is this your Earth ?
Or is this Hell ?
Where are the morals
Which you taught me ?
Where are the values
Which I have always valued ?

Lost I find myself in this degraded world.
Helpless I feel against the Sith.
Vices envelope people,
Darkness shadowing their hearts.
Demanding immorality as their Right
They fight shamelessly against the light.
Murderers of their own consciousness,
Traders of morality.
Demons of mankind,
Threat to humanity.
They challenge me for doing the right.

Quietly I sat,
Silently I watched.
Waiting for it to stop.
Trying to adjust to it.
I tried to close my eyes,
I tried to close my ears,
I tried not to think,
I tired to take it as "Real World".
But it makes me dead.
It sucks life out of me.
It makes me feel guilty.
It takes you away from me.

No longer will I sit quietly.
No longer will I watch silently.
Oh My Parents,
Oh My Teachers,
Oh My Lord,
Give me the strength
Give me the Faith
Give me the courage
To stand by virtue
To fight the darkness
To listen to my heart
And to act on it.
I won't let you die,
I won't let you lose.
I will not scum to pressures.
I will not let my conscious die.
I will fight this Sith,
No matter what it takes.
No matter I have no one with me.
No matter even the whole darkness engulf the sun.
I will light that candle.
That will create the new Sun.


Sidharth said...

Gid 1 dude

Jags said...
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Jags said...


Pradeep Dhadda said...

Welcome to the real "Mafia" world dude! ... tension nahin lene kaa... aur mast hoke jine ka!

Aakash said...

@Predeep: yes dude... par its so different over here. we at DAIICT were a gr8 lot yaar. Never change friend. This world serious needs people like u.

Chintan Agarwal said...

Some DEMotivational posters, fit the managerial world :P.

BTW, that poem's by you?! Really good. And on Dhadda's lines, tension dene ka lene ka nahi.

Aditi Only said...

so nicely put !!

as they say .... "atleast you be good, so that u r assured that there is one rascal less in the world !"

and trust me .... u're not alone :))

Ujj said...

read and follow fountain head my friend.