Thursday, February 14, 2008

V-Day Special

Yesterday night I opened my ip messenger and saw a few interesting new groups created, "Single Comm", "SP's One Side Association" etc. Oh! Its Valentine Day tomorrow.
Every year this day has just been like any other day for me. I did not even know about it until the media hyped it and bring it to lime light.
But I like the concept. "One Day in a year when people can express their feelings (of love of course)". But isn't it a satire on the whole society ? We require a day to love !

But leaving that and coming to the thing which attracted my attention at the first place. Being alone on Valentine Day, how does one feel ? You feel when you want to feel. Oh yeah! in many cases you are also made to feel. Personally, I never felt anything. Four years of engineering and half a year in management and I don't have a girlfriend (Oh God! poore college life barbad kar de). But same is with my friends :) and thats why I never felt anything on this day. But I can understand how it might feel to the people in the opposite situation. Once, I was caught in such a situation when two of my "GOOD" friends left me between 2 young couples and it was not V-Day, but by any standards it was not a comfortable situation to be in.

So, for "single" people who are caught in such situations, V-Day is about social acceptance. Now, its an old saying "Make your weakness your strength". So, you can hear one-liners like this which I heard in the morning "If you have a girlfriend its Valentine's Day else its Independence Day". So people, keep the high spirits ON and rock for yourself. There is a famous dialogue "Someone Somewhere is Made for You :)".

BTW 14th Feb is very special to me. Not because of V-Day but because many years ago my Mom and Dad got engaged on this day. Of course at that time this concept was not in India and its co incidental.
The first call which I received in the morning was from my Mom wishing me Valentine Day. Happy Engagement and Valentine Day Mom and Dad.
I Love You !!!


V.S. Shailesh said...

Totally agree on the Independence part...

But u know wht, sometimes u need to share some thoughts with someone special. Need not be a gf, but a good friend. I have one such friend and she's a great relief to talk to. Plus you dont have the "OBLIGATION" to talk for an hour daily .. :)

anyway, Wishin u a Happier valentine day next year...

Saurabh said...

but as for as I kow now you have a girlfnd so why cmpln ...

Aakash said...

kaun se gf !!!
mujhe khud nahin pata...aap he bata do....
and who is complaining :) so far I m chill. kyunki aapke bhi nahin hai :p to main akela mehsoos he nahin karta :D

Jags said...

cheers !this Vday was good start u were the first 1 to wish me dude
@shaiesh is right no GF no obligation
@saurabh plz share the information with me also abut akash special friend
and to aakash jabalpur wallon ki Gf nahi hoti hai they want it that way....:)