Sunday, April 20, 2008


This post I wrote in today's guest lecture. It will give you a glimpse of my Management life :)
so here it goes:

I am sitting in a guest lecture on High Maturity Practices taken by the Associate VP of an organization. I am not even trying to listen what he is talking. I don't want to. May be because most of the things he is talking I already know. May be I am half asleep. But there could be one more factor and thats the first impression. He is wearing a business suit. But wearing something and wearing with elegance - there is much difference between the two. So although the gentleman is quite knowledgeable with good communication skills (IITB and IIMA graduate) and is talking sense, but still I don't want to listen to him. I think this is the effect of presentation.
Now he has given us an activity to do in groups on what he has talked about: Process Performance Measure, Control Charts and CAR. We have to apply these concepts on a case study. Now here is another twist. The case was sent to us few days ago. But as hardcore faithful followers of the long set Indian Student Culture, 90% of us haven't read it. And as I mentioned earlier, most of us (take it as all of us) were not grasping to what he was saying - the situation has become very interesting as he wants us to give presentation on our analysis after 30 min.
Various groups are making presentations at present. but let me take you to what has happened during the last 30-45 min. We formed groups in such a way that atleast one person in the group had read the case...There were not many of those species. After that the knowledgeable person bestowed upon us the case gist. And we started working. No one had any clear idea as to what to do (remember none was listening - physically present, mentally absent during the lecture) but everyone was working. Ultimately it boiled down to few things: c- charts, perato charts, Ishikawa Diagram, all drawn on big charts => presentation. Every group has managed to pull this part so far. Now came the presentations. And wow! what presentations. No one knew what had to be done. No one still has any idea, but everyone is making mind blowing presentation. If you are an outsider, it would flatter you. Full of jargons, strategies, cause and effects blah blah........ But if you are at the other side, the side to which I am there, you will see that its all gas. But still impressive. And the lecturer is quite happy.

This is the biggest learning of MBA. Rely on each other to get out of tough situation. Then, presentation matters a lot. Finally, given any topic, you would be able to speak upon it with some jargons here and there such that the poor fellow who is ignorant of this culture can't escape being impressed by you. Its the confidence with which people transmit this gaseous material that all of it seems to be as solid as rock.... Welcome! thats real MBA and I am still learning it

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Aditi Only said...

wow !! hats off to the critic i found in this piece of writing :) ... cud see myself there ... !