Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Virtual Reality !!!

This is my Time Pass 2. Or is it really a time pass? Lets see. Well, I have a set of assignments pilled up, but still I m writing! Just to give vent my thoughts. Its better to write them down this time, else they will be lost like million of others in the fog of my memory. So, what are my thoughts about? Well, its about friendship, its about trust, its about the MATRIX! Yeap, you guess it right. I m talking about the virtual world.

How do u define a friend? I don’t expect an answer over here, but its just to make u realize that what we think is so simple and common around us is so much difficult and complex when we really ponder over it. And more difficult is to tell who is your friend. This question might be relatively easier to answer in the real world, but in the virtual world/cyberspace its all the more difficult. Now, how many time u get a friend’s request and then orkut asks u is the person ur friend, good friend, acquaintance etc. Well, its one of the most difficult questions I have ever come across. How should I draw that line? In the real world I might, but how to do that in this virtual world? People make “friends” more easily on net than in reality. Because they believe that there is nothing to be lost. Its after all virtual. But then u develop a relationship with the person. The relationship which is quite intimate. U share ur thoughts ur life with the person, and mind u, u do tht more readily then wht u do in real life. You call tht person ur friend but still you don’t know whether (s)he is ur friend? U r always confused, because how do u trust someone whom you know but yet u don’t know! But irony is, u still share ur life with this person. Isn’t it a paradox? I realized this yesterday, when I was chatting with one of my such friends. This “virtual person” has become a very close friend (I couldn’t find a better word to describe this) of mine. But still I can’t define that person. And vice versa. We both are black boxes to one another with certain know attributes but still what lies inside tht box, though u have some idea, but we r still confused. Or may be we r not ready to believe it. Is it the same in real world also? Perhaps not or may b but most of the time u have a better idea. Then whts the difference?

I realized that the difference lies in the most important trait of any relationship. Trust. Its because we r not being able to trust the other side and the other side is not trusting us. And its related to another human trait: Paranoia. We are scared of something and most of the time we don’t even know wht we r afraid of. But that’s the beauty of it. And that’s the excitement. It’s the excitement to explore the unknown. Those who love Harry Potter, definitely enjoy this. Well, I m one of them.

Hope, one day I would be able to meet this person to see how good was my perception. Hope u all do the same!

I think its time to make this blog public, because this topic is something which we all might be sharing in common. So, let me put this link on orkut!!! (Again the virtual reality is showing its effect :)

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Aditi Only said...

do meet your friend wen u get a chance !! :))

i think if you are comfortable sharing things with a person, being ur natural self to him/her ... i guess this's more than enough for being 'labelled' as a friend ......

It needn't be categorized into orkut/non- orkut, met/not-met etc etc ..