Friday, April 13, 2007

Read at your own risk. It might hurt your self esteem!!!

I have been thinking about writing this since long ago. I never understood why people write blogs and more importantly, why do other people read their blogs!!! Well, after a lot of research and brain storming sessions, I have came to the conclusion that people who don't have anything to do write blogs and those who read them are more "fokti" then those who write them. And the irony is that, today, this state of activity of being inactive is considered to be "cool".

Well, you might think then why am I writing this blog! And yes you are right in thinking that I have nothing more important to do. Being a student of final year of engineering, what more can you ask for! But, mind you, I am not as free as you are, who is reading this blog, because atleast I don't follow other people's blog. And I pray to God that no one should be reading this blog because that would give me the impression, no matter how incorrect that would be, that there are people who are busy not just for the sake of saying that they are busy but because they really are. Of what all the little world, which I have the privilege to experience in my so far relatively small and not so significant life, I have realised that most of the people in this world don't really work but only a handful are really working while others are just passing time reading blogs. I bow to those who really are working, because its only because of them that the world is really moving.

Coming back to the main topic of my research, I had made an account long ago just to post comments on other people's blog, the blogs which my friends write and reading those is my moral duty and posting comments is a sign that I have duly fulfilled my duty. I never wrote a blog myself, and I even forgot my blog's name! When I asked my friends, why do they write blogs then many start talking like lawyers trying to justify by what ever means they could that thay are indulging in a constructive activity which facilitates exchange of ideas and blah blah blah!!! But, only one or may be few more, have really accepted the fact that its just a time pass and a mean to project yourself as a Modern and sophisticated person. Humm, point taken. I tried to search in the pages of history, what exactly led to the creation of blogs. I couldn't really get the specific answer, but joining the bits and pieces of what ever I have found out, it seems that blogs were first used by scientists for sharing their notes online. That was very convenient and helpful in their research. Mind you, it is a constructive use of blog, where the blog is used by the people who are working in actual sense. Then came someone with this idea of minting money out of this. So, came the idea of selling blog space to be used as personal diaries. How ironic! personal and on net for all to see! But the idea clicked. why ? Because of the general human tendency to peeking into other people's life. And those who wrote those blogs, I believe, were suffering from continuous negligence by the society and blogs provided them a way to attract attention towards themselves. Things haven't changed much today also. But, now there is this additional component of being "cool" associated with them. So, you can find a lot of young people out there writing blogs. Well, how you utilise a technology depends upon you, but as far as blog is considered, I believe that less of the constructive activities are going on here but more of the time pass activities. And in fact thats what I am also doing while writing this blog!!! So, if there is anybody reading this blog, though I am not going to post the link anywhere, please don't waste your time reading this crap and do something better. And for those seeking modernity in blogging, get some air man!!!!


Unknown said...

hey Akash.This is the first time I have read a blog. It may not be a useful activity but then are we expected to utilize whole of the 24 hrs in a day. we do so many wasteful activities n this blogging may be one of them.So its not that wasteful, so to say.Writing helps us get a real n clear pisture of our hazy thoughts. Like when I was reading urs, I was thinking that I would comment on it, but what the comments would actually be I did not know until I started typing.So i tink it works n it works well.

Aditi Only said...

well am reading ur first blog lastly ... so just fulfilling my duty of letting u know that i did read it :)

but i guess u urself answered ur ques of 'why do ppl write blogs ' wen u wrote about the juhu incident ... it was thought provoking indeed ... and if few thoughts are aligned thru it .. then might as well join the 'cool ppl' in blogging...

Aakash said...

thts wht I m doing now :)