Sunday, January 13, 2008

She forced me to "Rethink"

Yesterday something very interesting happened. A girl asked me, "What will you do if somebody say something (-ve) to a girl with you ?" I told her it all depends upon the circumstances. Its in the moment. But in my conscious mind I will not indulge in a fight, but will look out alternate ways. I will rather use my mind then physical strength.
She was shocked at my reply. I think she expected me to fight. Its exactly how I would have acted till my 10th standard or rather till 1st year of engineering. But now I think I understand the rules of the game a little better. I know its not the heroism thats important but its the cause which should be your focus. In this case its the safety of the girl. First ensure the safety of the girl and then think about the rest. One of the most important principles of the war or any fight or any competition is, know your strengths first, then know your opponents strengths and then formulate strategy. Its totally foolish and irresponsible to jump into a fight without analyzing the situation. "Josh mein Hosh nahin khone chaheye". If you do so, then may be you will succeed by stroke of luck but more is the probability that you will loss and with that you might put your cause also at stake.
Uptill this point I know I was correct and I was not buffeted by whatever she was saying. But the bomb came after that. She said, "yaar agar tum janne wali ke liye kuch nahi kar sake to anjaan ke liye kya karoge". I haven't ever thought of it! What would I do if someone is saying something indecent to a lady stranger to me ? Its a question which I think we all need to answer. Will I remain quite or will I react aggressively ? I really don't know the answer to this and even my above given theory fails here. If suppose I keep quite then am I not encouraging those bastards. Isn't it just because of this reason that girls were molested at Juhu ? But straight away getting physical also doesn't seem sensible. What should one do ? I know its all impulsive and the moment defines it all, I have experienced this on several occasions. But if I just think coolly on it, then what is the best approach ?
I have not been able to sleep properly since yesterday. Its only this thought revolving in my head, what will I do in such situation and what is the best path. But most importantly, Am I doing the right thing ?


Chintan Agarwal said...

Good point made by that girl, especially with the decency levels of the males of our country touching new lows.

Aakash said...

arre woh to thik hai par wht will b ur reaction in such a situation?

Pradeep Dhadda said...

Whats the confusion? both the situations are similar. Whether u know the girl or not is irrelevant here. Safety of the girl and then a sensible judgement of whose right or wrong as mentioned is the correct approach

Aakash said...

yeah, tht is the correct approach...but if someone is saying something indecent to a stranger then how will you ensure the safety of that girl ? coz, y will she trust u ? to ultimately tumko ladna he padega... right?

Aditi said...

i guess ppl who do try to get fresh donot have much of guts .... so even if you guys around can show them their dissapproval thru gestures it works!

but if u have lost cases like ppl who are drunk .... then an attempt should be made to gather support .. which comes in 60% of the cases ..

BUT if there's noone around ... and you really don't want to feel sorry for a long time for that girl .. DO HELP HER ... something our parents taught us I guess!!