Friday, March 6, 2009


I opened my eyes,
Found myself surrounded by a white cloud.
Confused was my state,
But I can hear the voices out loud.
It took me sometime to realize,
That I am still alive.
That I am not in heaven,
But still in this bee-hive.

I was and I am surrounded by... Mist

Whiteness engulf me,
Wetness soak me.
Drench I am,
But is it sweat or is it mist?
I am not in the state even to recognize my own fist.
Chill is running down my spine,
But still, my brain is saying I am fine!
Numb are my senses,
But still my heart is pumping me to life.

I was and I am surrounded by... Mist

I can see no further,
I can see no far.
I look around for someone
But found no one at par.
I will have to take this journey alone,
Will have to choose the directions on my own.
Hidden are my paths in the whiteness before me,
Curtained are the dangers behind the mist before me.
Which way is right,
Which way is wrong,
From where I had come,
And where I would be gone.
I can't make anything out in this mist.

I was and I am surrounded by... Mist

I can hear the voices from all sides,
Suggesting me directions that are all so wide!
No one knows what lies in that direction,
No one knows the consequences of my next action.
The voices are trying to push me along,
So that I would be gone and they can see me no long.
But the risks are wide
The stakes are high
And the only impact is going to be on life.
So, I just stand there,
Waiting for the Mist to clear
Hoping for the light
That would steer me out of here.
But what if the light won't appear?
Then I would have to kill my fear,
Will have to take my step forward,
Into the unknown,
Into the oblivion,
Crossing my heart,
In the name of the lord.
But still I stood here...
Waiting for the light to appear...
That would steer me out of here....


Chintan Agarwal said...

Wait no longer,
'cause the mist is an omen,
Set your goals higher,
and do your thing,
to watch the dangers dissolve,
and the fears subside.
No hand will be there for you,
'cause its the road less travelled
but it sure would be the thing that will make all the difference!


Amazing way to express your feelings man, never knew your were a serial poet. Or is is, "main shayar toh nahin..."? :P

Aakash said...

Oh My God! Chintan Agarwal replied in a form of a poem! Buddy, even I didn't know tht you can write like tht...
Yes its the road less traveled and may b v r in each others company :-)