Friday, June 13, 2008


After a long break I am writing again. Its not that I didn't have topics to write but just I didn't feel writing. There are a bunch of topics to choose from. But let me not write on any of those. This time its about 'Emptiness'.

This word is being looked down upon by its fraternity as being Empty! But I just discovered the beauty of this word and surprisingly its the paradox, which I am sure half of you won't be able to understand but still - The beauty of this word is the emptiness it conveys and attracts attention because if something is attracting attention then there is this 'something' and if there is 'something' then it can't be empty!

See, I had told you, you won't be able to understand. But hey, wait. Don't just start banging your head. There is more to come.

Whether you believe it or not, whether you accept it or not but the fact remains that emptiness has a very important part in each of ours' life. Don't believe me! Then ask someone preparing a resume to know what it takes to fill in the empty space. The fun of having an empty tank on a highway is just indescribable. Emptiness of space generates ideas. If a glass is filled, its filled. Thats the end. There is only one possibility for it: to get empty. But if a glass is empty then imagine the scope it has! It can be filled with anything...Literally anything! Emptiness creates opportunities. If you are single, then just imagine the opportunities you have! (Yeah yeah I know what you are imagining). Emptiness of mind brings in peace. Emptiness of heart brings in innocence. And emptiness of soul brings in purity. Its the starting and the end. Everything else lies in between it or rather inside it (you see this is the paradox I mentioned). Emptiness is the driving force of the world. Its just the perspective of looking at emptiness. It has the unique dual power capable of both, depressing you or exciting you. It depends upon you how you take emptiness.

And if you are still not convinced about the importance of Emptiness then just flip your bank pass book. Under this inflation I am sure it would be empty. (Ouch! This really hurts!)


Aditi said...

"emptiness brings innocence !!"
only one thought came to me...
you've got a pure soul bhai !! :)
keep writin ...

V.S. Shailesh said...